Map to Clark College: WordPress Class

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of the WordPress class at Clark College in Vancouver, WA

View is from I-5 bridge across the Columbia River coming from Portland, OR.
Nearby Clark College is the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and the Vancouver Campus of the Portland VA Medical Center.

WordPress, CGT-101 is taught by Lorelle VanFossen.
It meets in Scarpelli Hall, SHL-124 on T-TH 6:30-9pm.


WordPress: Web Design or Web Development?

Are you an Artist (Web Designer) or a Geek (Web Developer)?
Take the Poll and see who’s best!

Signs you may be an Artist…  try Web/Graphic Design (AAT)

  • You’re more Emo than Nerd!
  • You prefer Art, to Science!
  • You’re a Hipster!

Signs you may be a Geek try Web Development (AAT)

  • You’re more Nerd, than Emo!
  • You prefer Science to Art!
  • You’re a Http_ster!

Welcome to WordPress!


Clark College, Vancouver, WA, is the first class in the world to offer a degree program in either WordPress Web Design or Web Development!

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WordPress at Clark College Vancouver, WA

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