example of US Copyright Law:

This image of Lady Justice is not mine. In order to display it “fair use”,
I must attribute the author/artist Catherine Johnson, who is herself a WordPress blogger. I will eventually model an original adaptation of this image theme in my Photoshop class and use that image instead, but meanwhile I recognize Catherine’s original work.

US Copyright Law: US Code Title 17 “Fair Use

Clark College Policy:

MTREIDY.Wordpress Policy

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  • MTReidy Site Policy is modeled on: US Law and Clark/Class Policy

    Comment Guidelines

    Comments are open to fellow students, instructors, and the general public on this site, therefore, the comment guidelines state the following:

    • Play nice.
    • Keep your comments family-friendly.
    • All comments will be monitored and edited if necessary by administrators.
    • Comment spam will be marked as spam.
    • Trolls, creeps, abusers, and evil doers will be deleted and possibly blocked.
    • Keep on topic.
    • Let the comment speak well for you, representing your intelligence, character, and opinion.

    This comment policy is subject to change without notice.

Privacy – MTREIDY is a blog modeled on Clark College Class Privacy

This site is not used to collect or share private information such as email addresses for sale or commercial use. Contributors provide contact information at their own risk. Commenters opt to provide names, email and website information when they comment.

WordPress.com Stats and other statistics and web analytics programs collect data from visitors as a standard procedure. This data may be viewed and analyzed by the students as part of their educational experience. The information collected is the same as collected by a such programs on the web and typically consists of IP data and visitor actions on the site.

Students will be publishing surveys and polls on this site. Information collected is voluntary and used for educational purposes.

MTREIDY Contributor Guidelines
see… Contact Page

Due to the policies of Clark College, MTREIDY blog cannot accept guest bloggers or article submissions. Fellow Clark College WordPress students may be invited to contribute within the guidelines of the Clark College WordPress Class. Their work is subject to editing.


This site is a learning lab of Michael T Reidy for his courses in Web Development at Clark College Computer Technology Associates of Applied Technology degree program. It is primarily my own work, but also contributed to by fellow students at Clark College. Whenever the work is not my own it is duly attributed to the guest student blogger. I do not accept any form of sponsorship, advertising or paid insertions. I write to complete my assignments, but recognize I am a child of my environment and influenced by nature and nurture, including my background, occupation, religion, political affiliation or experience.

I or my student guests will never receive financial compensation in any way from this site. I am graded on the assignments I submit and these grades reflect upon my academic success. WordPress adds its own ads to my site without my express permission or payment to me. If you see ads on this site, it’s because WordPress added them in exchange for offering this site for free. If you don’t like ads, try WordPress.org. Everyone on WordPress.com has unsolicited ads. These ads are the right and responsibility of WordPress.com and not associated with the contributors or the college.

Creative Commons Copyright License and Legal Notice.

Creative Commons License

MTREIDY by MTREIDY WordPress Blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a work at MTREIDY.WordPress.com.


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