Live Writer to WordPress

Since the MS Word to WordPress is no longer currently supported by WordPress, you must use Windows Live Writer to publish to WordPress blog or else use the built-in Visual Editor in WordPress and cut and paste plain text using the Kitchen Sink Word paste feature.

I have added the Clipboard Live feature to include images as well. This is a clipboard live image pasted from the plug-in.


I created an image and pasted it via the windows clipboard with the Clipboard Plug-in installed in Windows Live Writer. Unfortunately you can only use Live Writer on a Windows computer natively. There is no Mac version of Live Writer, but with Windows emulation software such as Parallel Desktop 9 for Mac ($79.99) or VMware Fusion Desktop Pro ($129.99) you can run Live Writer in a Windows Emulation or Mac Mode. Note this requires a bone-fide version of Windows with an activation key to install. (Windows 8.1 from Best Buy $119.99) or you can download Qumana instead and use it on your Mac or Windows machine free. Unfortunately, only back versions of every OS are supported: Windows XP/ Vista, Mac OSX Tiger/Leopard, or Linux.

Presently, if you want to author in anything other than the WordPress Visual Editor, your only choices are Windows Live Writer on Windows (or pay for Windows and Windows Emulation – Software VMware or Parallel Desktop) or pay for a Visual Editor for Mac like MarsEdit  ($39.95) or Ecto ($19.95). I published this to my WordPress blog directly by-passing the WordPress dashboard visual editor.

I attempted to install the latest version of Parallel Desktop 9 for Mac and Windows 8.1 in congruent mode and then install Live Writer to my Mac Desktop. Fortunately, I only installed trial versions that time-out in 2 weeks, because it would have cost me $210 dollars (desktop + Windows) to find out that Microsoft apparently no longer supports the Windows Essentials under Windows 8.1. I suspected that might be the case, but haven’t seen it anywhere in print yet. Microsoft promised to support Live Writer only through Windows 8. Now that Windows 8.1 is out, apparently Windows Live is history. The Parallel Desktop install program of Windows 8.1 (in congruent mode) didn’t even provide a browser but took me back to my desktop to download MS Live Essentials from Crome. When I downloaded Live Essentials (the bundle package Live Writer installs from) it wouldn’t even install in 8.1. Further, it didn’t even provide an error msg. When I came back from the lengthy download of a trial version of Win8.1 there were some Internet Explorer install questions that disappeared so it appears the install didn’t work and I don’t have a Windows 8.1 machine to test this and won’t pay Microsoft $130 to find out their free program no longer works! So I have been unsuccesful to get Live Writer to work on the Mac at any price in Win 8.1 emulation. So on the Mac at least, so long Live Writer (it was never supported on Mac natively, MS Word barely is), and no thanks Windows 8.1 (even in emulation mode I can live without it.).

For Mac users, we’re stuck with WordPress visual editor two paid apps that I haven’t demo’d yet. But for Windows users still using Windows 7 (like our college and many businesses) or those with no plans to upgrade their home versions of Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 (beware the free upgrade) Windows Live Writer still remains an attractive alternative to the WordPress visual editor and appears to be the only viable alternative.

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I am a student in the Web Development Associates of Applied Technology degree program at Clark College, Vancouver, WA. Our instructor is Lorelle VanFossen who was a senior editor of the WordPress codex. I have been working with computers for over 25 years. My first computer job was managing electronic data processing (EDP) for the US Department of Commerce as the Assistant Manager for Electronic Data Processing (AMEDP) in the Tulsa Regional Office of the 1990 Decennial Census. The computer was a midrange DEC VAX/VMS. Soon after, PC Networks became popular and I became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE+I) and Trainer (MCT). I was recruited by IBM Sales as a Field Technical Support Specialist to launch their new PC Server brand. A few years later, I was invited to join IBM Global Services as a Team Lead Professional Server Expert (PSE) and Global IT Architect for Systems and Storage. I was both a contributing member and review board architect of IBM Global Services Reference Architecture. As Lead Architect for Integrated Storage Management Services (ISMS), I was the sole author of the IBM Global Services (GS) Method for Lean Storage Services: ISMS. When IBM Global Services offshored to India in the financial crises of 2007, I relocated to Vancouver, WA. For the past six years, I have worked independently as an Audio/Video Producer and Web Manager. In my personal life, I am the Minister of the St Clare Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order in Portland, OR and a Regional Councilor for Troubadours of Peace (ToP) Region in the Pacific Northwest states of OR, WA, AK, ID. I am responsible for Communications Technology development for ToP Region. I served the National Franciscan Order – USA (NAFRA) as a Q Committee member (AV Producer) for the NAFRA Quinquennial XVIII in Chicago, 2012. I twice received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for National Engineers Week: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. I chaired the efforts of IBM, in conjunction with Intel, to promote minority recruitment in engineering through such programs as: Hermanas: Diseña Tu Futuro (Design Your Future). I was also an elementary and secondary classroom advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). I currently volunteer as a Spiritual Care Volunteer for Legacy Hospital, Salmon Creek and as a Hospice Volunteer for the Veterans Administration in Vancouver, WA.

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