Dark Crystal Screening in Seattle

A guest blog  by dlarson77, a classmate of MTREIDY in WordPress offered at Clark College. 

Dark Crystal Movie Poster

Dark Crystal movie Poster from Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

In this article I will be talking about a film that was made when I was a kid, which was Dark Crystal. Directed by Jim Henson and Fank Oz.

Here are some words from the Founder of DarkCrystal.com, Cheryl Henson:

The world of The Dark Crystal is a world unlike any we have ever known. Under the triple suns, the skies roil with cloud formations not seen in our skies. Seedpods spiral up and rocks scuttle off. It is a world where the wise and noble urSkeks have been split into two imperfect races, Skeksis and urRu; and the Gelfling Clans, the species most like our own, go about their lives not knowing what their future holds. This is a world waiting to be explored and expanded upon with new stories, new quests.

At The Jim Henson Company, we continue to be enthralled with the possibilities of this world and invite you to join us in our obsession. We have set up a portal to share what we know, a new website with all of the information about this place and these creatures: DarkCrystal.com. We invite you to use the resources, character descriptions, locations, and history on this site to join us in imagining the next Dark Crystal story.

Cheryl Henson
Founder, DarkCrystal.com

Some of the categories on this site to think about before submitting your idea for Author Quest are:

    Overall storytelling
    Creativity and originality
    Writing ability

According to Geekwire there is going to be a screening and an Author Quest. They are providing an avenue for individuals that want to enter a contest that will take their imagination to the next level and it will be the next chapter in the The Dark Crystal Saga.

It is one event that I would love to attend if the timing was right for me to do so. If anyone is interested here is the map, date, and time to attend.

    When – Sunday 10/27/2013 starting at 5pm
    Where – EMP. 325 5th Avenue, North Seattle, WA 98109 USA

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