Series 1 of 3: Choosing A Blog Platform: Why WordPress?

You maybe wondering why so many people are choosing WordPress.
Here’s what I learned about WordPress:

  • WordPress is the number one Content Management System in the world according to Google Trends
  • As of 2011, estimates are that 25% of all websites are published with WordPress.
  • As of March 2012, WordPress is on 72.4 million sites in the world hosts about half of them. Currently there are nearly 15 million WordPress software downloads.

Google Trend WordPress

2013 Google Trend on WordPress, including forecast

But that’s not why WordPress for me. While it’s safe and comfortable being with the majority in many things, I was looking for a tool that provides collaboration for contributors to leverage the benefits of social media, without it’s drawbacks. Like millions, I tried static web solutions like IIS/FrontPage (until Microsoft Office discontinued FrontPage), Myspace, Spaceslive, Freewebs, etc looking for an effective tool. I even ventured both cloud shared-host and self-hosted environments, maintaining a personal linux server, my own IP address and domain, but all these solutions took me further away from my goal of publishing easily.

The search to find a well supported, popular content management system lead me to WordPress. Several like-minded friends also discovered WordPress and shared their testimonials with me. While I was discouraged by the defamed reputation of blogs supposed inferiority, I researched blog trends and adoption rates for both individuals, as well as corporations. I became convinced that WordPress was the publishing tool of choice.

WordPress authors can easily use the visual editor so they can stay writers and not need to become HTML coders. Though for me the best selling feature of WordPress is its superior administrative backend which allows multiple authors to be granted specific rights as followers, authors, contributors, editors and administrators. It’s this granularity of roles and capabilities which allows editorial and administrative control while still allowing ease of use by the authors and contributors. This is what I was looking for.

Now a whole community of  can contribute and one or many editors and administrators can manage the environment as the site grows, you don’t outgrow the platform. A single site as large as GE, NASA, the NFL and Ford are in the WordPress showcase. WordPress even has a Multisite solution, WordPressMS that, DreamHost and other shared hosting platforms support. More than 32 million users are supported on on a single installation of WordPressMS, that’s the power of blogs.

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In the next article in this series I will discuss the phenomenon of blog social media and networking: Community Blogs vs Individual Blogs

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About Michael T Reidy

I am a student in the Web Development Associates of Applied Technology degree program at Clark College, Vancouver, WA. Our instructor is Lorelle VanFossen who was a senior editor of the WordPress codex. I have been working with computers for over 25 years. My first computer job was managing electronic data processing (EDP) for the US Department of Commerce as the Assistant Manager for Electronic Data Processing (AMEDP) in the Tulsa Regional Office of the 1990 Decennial Census. The computer was a midrange DEC VAX/VMS. Soon after, PC Networks became popular and I became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE+I) and Trainer (MCT). I was recruited by IBM Sales as a Field Technical Support Specialist to launch their new PC Server brand. A few years later, I was invited to join IBM Global Services as a Team Lead Professional Server Expert (PSE) and Global IT Architect for Systems and Storage. I was both a contributing member and review board architect of IBM Global Services Reference Architecture. As Lead Architect for Integrated Storage Management Services (ISMS), I was the sole author of the IBM Global Services (GS) Method for Lean Storage Services: ISMS. When IBM Global Services offshored to India in the financial crises of 2007, I relocated to Vancouver, WA. For the past six years, I have worked independently as an Audio/Video Producer and Web Manager. In my personal life, I am the Minister of the St Clare Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order in Portland, OR and a Regional Councilor for Troubadours of Peace (ToP) Region in the Pacific Northwest states of OR, WA, AK, ID. I am responsible for Communications Technology development for ToP Region. I served the National Franciscan Order – USA (NAFRA) as a Q Committee member (AV Producer) for the NAFRA Quinquennial XVIII in Chicago, 2012. I twice received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for National Engineers Week: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. I chaired the efforts of IBM, in conjunction with Intel, to promote minority recruitment in engineering through such programs as: Hermanas: Diseña Tu Futuro (Design Your Future). I was also an elementary and secondary classroom advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). I currently volunteer as a Spiritual Care Volunteer for Legacy Hospital, Salmon Creek and as a Hospice Volunteer for the Veterans Administration in Vancouver, WA.

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